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Simply put, we are committed to providing the best exhaust hood cleaning service possible, by keeping up with changes in our field and always keeping in mind what our customers value most. Here are a few examples of how we focus on your best interests to care for your kitchen hood cleaning / exhaust cleaning needs:

  • We are professional. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, tested, and certified to do their restaurant hood cleaning jobs safely and properly. The work we do as hood cleaners is not just a cosmetic “hood cleaning”. Rather, the main purpose is for fire prevention throughout the whole exhaust system, and you need to be able to trust that the person working on your system is a fully trained professional.
  • Thorough reporting. By way of our comprehensive After Service Reports, we’ll help you stay on top of potential maintenance problems. Our technicians are trained to be alert and proactive about documenting any problems discovered with your system. If there are any concerns, we always provide a report that informs you of this, followed up by an email that will include photos of the problem and recommended solutions.
  • We stay current. We’re always on the watch for innovations in our field, and we continue to explore new methods of commercial hood cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning, in order to serve our customers better. Think about it: If you picked your cell phone 5 years ago (or more) and never updated to something more current, what would you be using today?
  • We make good use of modern technology. For instance, by means of a computer database at our central office, we’re proactive with managing our customers’ hood & exhaust cleaning schedules. And if you prefer, we can send out emails a few weeks prior to your next “due” date, in order to better accommodate your scheduling needs. Lastly, our technicians take digital photos to document the quality of work that was performed inside the kitchen exhaust system on every cleaning, and web links to these digital “after” photos can be emailed to you for your review.

Silver Lining is not your average restaurant hood cleaning company. We’re big enough to get the job done, and yet small enough to care. We are committed to providing the best quality work and customer service. Our motto at Silver Lining is: “We’ll Keep You Shining!”



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